[timeline type=”dashed” line_color=”#cb3cc1″][timeline_item position=”right” title=”Launch” date=”Thursday 28th of November” date_color=”#58a663″]Arlo Parks (music, reading, conversation)[/timeline_item][timeline_item position=”right” date=”Friday 29th of November” node_color=”#fffb8c”]Sophia Thakur (spoken word)[/timeline_item][timeline_item position=”right” date=”Saturday 30th of November” title=”Hold Your Tongue: local writers”] Mims, Deniz Kiy, Sabitha Sofia Söderholm, Aaiún Nin, Fatema, Abdoolcarim (TBC) (spoken word, poetry)[/timeline_item][timeline_item position=”right” date=”Sunday the 1st of December” title=”Envelope Bookbinding For Kids”]with Natasha Maki Jessen-Petersen [/timeline_item][timeline_item position=”right” title=”Mixed Feelings” date_color=”#d9cce2″] Will Harris (talk on mixed raced identity and whiteness)[/timeline_item][timeline_item position=”right” date=”Monday 2nd of December” title=”Bedtime Stories”]Bedtime Stories: (We invite people to come by, get comfy, grab a bedtime snack We invite people to come by, get comfy, grab a bedtime snack and listen to short and listen to short stories which we will read aloud[/timeline_item][timeline_item position=”right” date=”Tuesday the 3rd of November” title=”Zine Workshop”]Janna Aldaraji (Third Space Zine) & Maya Acharya (Masq Magazine) (create your own zine exploring the theme of intimacy)[/timeline_item][timeline_item position=”right” date=”Wednesday the 4th of November” title=”Adoptee Narratives”]Yong Sun Gullach, Eva Tind and Sabitha Sofia Söderholm (a conversation about sorrow in writing)[/timeline_item][timeline_item position=”right” date=”Thursday the 5th of December” title=”Text Cinema”]An event where we read out loud together from a text projected onto a screen. A communal read-along.[/timeline_item][timeline_item position=”right” date=”Friday the 6th of December”]Travis Alabanza (performance/reading)[/timeline_item][timeline_item position=”right” title=”In conversation” date=”Saturday the 7th of December”]Authors Lone Aburas and Jamal Bendahman in conversation, moderated by Nazila Kivi[/timeline_item][timeline_item position=”right” date=”Sunday the 8th of December” title=”In conversation”]Authors Camara Joof and Mikas Lang in conversation, moderated by Farhiya Khalid[/timeline_item][/timeline]

Throughout the festival the pop-up bookshop will be open, where there will also be an installation by interaction designer Raghav Bashyal.
Location: ØEN