The Sunflower Cast A Spell To Save Us From The Void

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Jackie Wang’s magnetic and spellbinding debut collection of poetry that attempts to speak in the language of dreams. The poems in The Sunflower Cast A Spell To Save Us From The Void read like dispatches from the dream world, with Jackie Wang acting as our trusted comrade reporting across time and space. By sharing her personal index of dreams with its scenes of solidarity and resilience, interpersonal conflict and outlaw jouissance, Wang embodies historical trauma and communal memory. Here, the all-too-familiar interplay between crisis and resistance becomes first distorted, then clarified and refreshed. With a light touch and invigorating sense of humor, Wang illustrates the social dimension of dreams and their ability to inform and reshape the dreamer’s waking world with renewed energy and insight.

Udgivelsesdato: 18-02-2021
Forlag: Nightboat Books
Sprog: Engelsk
Sideantal: 120

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