Mai Betyder Vatten

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Mai betyder vatten (Mai Means Water) is a story of family trauma and its impact through the ages as seen through the eyes of Adi, a six-year-old diplomat’s daughter from Zaire. In Kayo Mpoyi’s debut novel, which is set in Tanzania in the early 1990s, African mysticism clashes with Old Testament-style Christianity, women and girls suffer the devastating effects of an uncompromising misogyny that has passed on down the generations, while the effects of colonialism and political upheaval loom in the background.

At the beginning of the novel, Adi’s mother gives birth to her eighth child, who is to be called Mai. ‘God have mercy on us,’ she says, on announcing the name. The family believes that they are living under a curse which started when Adi’s ancestor, Mai, was captured by the Belgian occupiers of the then-Congo and held to ransom while pregnant, in an attempt to force the males in the family to go into the jungle to work. The family paid for the release of Mai’s newborn son, but not of Mai herself. Adi’s father believes that by giving this new baby the same name, the curse will be lifted.

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Sprog: Svensk
Sideantal: 256

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