About (un)told

(un)told pages is a pop-up bookshop and literature festival featuring only Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour authors. Based in Copenhagen and co-founded by Elisabeth Gullach and Maya Acharya.

The project is dedicated to dismantling the whiteness in the literature scene: (un)told pages is about creating a space to platform, support and celebrate BIPOC authors. All our events are free & we pay the people we work with. All money we make goes back into getting more books and hosting events.

It’s important to us that the joy, solace, awakenings, & resonance that books can bring are made accessible to everyone. We want to challenge the structures, formats and criteria that dictate who literature is by and for, what forms it takes and how it is shared. We don’t believe in the canon, in tokenism, reformist representation, depoliticized art or the performance of identity/trauma for the white gaze.

We want (un)told to be a space for people who, like us, are unedgy, sincere, awkward, shy.

Untold means boundless, immeasurable, something that cannot be expressed in words alone. These stories are not untold — they were never gone — they have always existed.